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Friday Five — The Royal We

It’s Friday, so it must be time for The Friday Five writing prompt! Five different words each week to get the creative juices flowing. To visit the other participants, click here.
This week’s words are: ego, pier, freight, pace, solo
Taking a brief hiatus from #SaveFred, because these words are BEGGING for a little Star Wars fan fic and I couldn’t force my brain to think of anything else…

The Royal We

Han Solo paced the edge of the space pier, waiting for Leia to arrive, assuming she actually did. Damn if that princess would tell him what to do, who he could work for, what freight he could carry… He was “solo” for a reason and he’d do as he pleased. Not because his ego was the size of the Falcon (something she’d said more than once) but because he was his own man. No woman, no matter how amazing, was going to tie him down.
Where was she? She’d sworn she was leaving and not coming back at the end of their last fight, but she’d said it before. And he wasn’t leaving this system without her on board.
Or maybe he would. He’d be fine without her. He didn’t need a mouthy, pushy, arrogant… he sighed. Time for a little honesty, at least to himself. Because, yes he did. Need her. She kept him sane and relatively honest, made sure his behavior was at least a little above board. And she loved him, something no one else ever had.
His gaze raked the area again. Where was she?
A hand brushed his back, gently, softly… a touch he knew well. He spun around and gathered Leia in his arms. “Don’t do that again,” he murmured into her hair.
She cupped his cheek and smiled, that sideways smile that always had a hint of mischief in it. “Do what?”
“Make me think you were leaving for real this time.”
“We could never.” There is was again, that flash of mischief, that grin.
He grinned right back. How could he not? Her silly mood was contagious. The fear he’d felt drifted away, bit by bit, until he realized what she’d said.
She raised an eyebrow. “You’re usually a little quicker than that. But, yes.” Leia took his hand and pressed it to her flat stomach. “We.”

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