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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Binge Watching

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: TV Shows I binge watch(ed)
Okay… I’m not much of an honest binge-watcher (I just don’t have the time), but these are shows I watched as much as I could, thought about when I wasn’t watching them, told everyone who would listen to me about them so they could watch them, too, and in two cases bought the entire series either on DVD or digital.
OMG, I love this show so much and when it was cancelled, I was devastated (little trivia: it’s the only show to win a People’s Choice award AFTER it was cancelled). You very much have to suspend your belief in reality for this one, but it’s fun, quirky, silly, with great characters and just a whole “feel good” vibe. This is one I bought on DVD and will probably buy again on digital…
I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED, because it’s being brought back via IMDB TV/Amazon Prime as Leverage: Redemption. They’re filming now and it’s going to be available soon. I’m literally bouncing in my chair as I write that. I can NOT wait!
LOVED this show. Cancelled after two seasons (and it was actually cancelled after season one until there was such an uproar, they brought it back and then after it was cancelled again, there was such a to-do, they made a two hour movie to wrap up loose ends). EXCELLENT show and a great way to learn history. I found out about some things historically that I’d never even heard of. It was fascinating, and incredibly well done.
I hate that it’s not around any more.
I bought this one on digital.

12 Monkeys.
This one I pretty legitimately binge-watched. I loved this show. I thought about it when I wasn’t watching it. I mourned when it was over. Truly amazing and it’s one I’ll watch again and again. I’ll probably end up buying it on digital if it’s taken off my streaming service.
Truly excellent.
Can’t wait to see other’s recommendations!

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  1. So excited to hear about Leverage being brought back. And… I will have to watch Twelve Monkeys next. And, you know how I felt about Timeless 🙂

  2. Wow, I can honestly say I have watched none of these shows before — but they all look so good. Esp. 12 Monkeys! Thanks for giving some new shows to binge on, haha.
    (Found you over at Wednesday Weekly)
    ~ Lex

    1. If I had to pick on TV show to have on a desert island it would probably be Leverage.

    1. Right? So excited. No Nate (Timothy Hutton has been blacklisted due to #metoo accusations) but I’m still excited.

  3. Okay, so:
    I adored Leverage – I have Season One on DVD somewhere.
    I literally never heard of Timeless, which is a terrible shame – it looks like very much my sort of show.
    I remember being *intensely* curious to see what they did with 12 Monkeys, but then somehow never managed to watch it. (I always think of the movie as being a sort of oblique sequel to Time Bandits, though.) I should really go back and correct that.

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