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For fifteen years, seven friends have gathered for a vacation at Lake Wentworth, NH. This year is no different — except this time, Cass Edwards has trouble looking at her best-friend-since-forever Ben Wilson as just a friend. Can two people in search of a future find it in a mutual past? Will love strengthen the bonds of their friendship or destroy them?


Strong arms grabbed her from behind and she squeaked in surprise. But when she was folded into a familiar bear hug, she calmed and snuggled into the embrace. Some things never changed. “Morning, Ben.”

He ruffled her hair. “Morning, Goose.”

The words were low and husky from sleep, and she shivered as they reached out and stroked her. “Sleep well?”

He grunted his assent. “Only you would be out here at this ridiculous hour.” He sat at the end of the dock, feet dangling over the side.

She didn’t resist when he pulled her down beside him, interlacing his fingers in hers.

“I wouldn’t miss the sunrise up here for the world.” She reached up to smooth out lines in his face made by wrinkled sheets. “Just up, huh? Haven’t had your coffee yet?”

“Can’t find the coffeemaker.”

He whined just enough to make her laugh and say, “You boys need a keeper.”

“We have one. You.” He pulled her over and gave her a noogie. “Now, hand over your coffee and no one gets hurt.”

She smiled and gave him her half-empty cup of barely warm coffee.

As he gulped it down, he moaned a bit.

“And, yes, before you ask, there’s more where that came from.”

“Cass, what would I ever do without you?” He gave her a quick, sloppy kiss on the lips like he had a thousand times before. So, why did her stomach quiver today?

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