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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — Favorite Historical Personage to read about

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

Today’s topic is: Favorite Historical Personage to read about. 

I’m switching this up a little and changing it to “Favorite Historical Personage to learn about (in any media)” because there’s something I’ll bring up over and over: the TV show, “Timeless”.

First off… I love history. I love learning about the past, especially as it pertains to people, but the past in general is intriguing. The premise of “Timeless” was, of course, time travel. But it was handled excellently (so much so, that Smithsonian Magazine covered the episodes each week), incorporating paradoxes well, changing the future when the past is changed, etc. But what I loved most was learning stuff. They featured some relatively unknown historical figures (at least to me), like Wendell Scott. Scott was among the first African-American NASCAR drivers and the first to win a Grand National race, NASCAR’s top series at the time. Or when they showed Lady Detective Grace Humiston, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”. A real-life heroine, Humiston was a lawyer at a time when very few women were and opened a practice called The People’s Law Firm, which specialized in helping immigrants and low-income Americans. Humiston was appointed special assistant U.S. District Attorney in 1906, just two years after she passed the bar.

My heart absolutely broke when “Timeless” was canceled after its second season (largely, I think, due to the cost of producing the show). But, I love historical stories that cover not only big things (as an example, the first “Timeless” episode was about the Hindenburg), but also the smaller historical figures that impacted the future in big ways.

I know that was a round about way to handle today’s topic, but it’s what you get from me. And if you have a chance to watch “Timeless” somewhere, I highly recommend it. I actually bought the entire series, because it never gets old.

So, Favorite Historical Personage to learn about? The one I’m learning about currently. Because they all have value and provide knowledge and learning. Because, those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Right?

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  1. I agree on the “whoever I’m learning about now” front — I don’t have a particular favorite, and there are so many fascinating people to learn about.

    (Also: it looks like the SSL certificate for your website expired back on the 6th; Firefox threw a security error when I followed the link to get here.)

    1. I had the same security flag on Firefox as Michael.

      Timeless sounds like an interesting show! I get my history from youtube productions/podcasts/Curiosity stream these days and forget it’s still on tv…

  2. I got the security messages from Chrome too. I didn’t pick one person either.

    Some people picked interesting ones, though. If Wendell Scott is no longer a living private person he’d be an interesting historical figure.

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