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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — Something I’m Proud of Doing

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

Today’s topic is: Something I’m Proud of Doing

These kinds of questions are tough to answer for most people, I think, because it feels like bragging (and we aren’t supposed to do that, right?). Honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself for much of what I’ve accomplished in the past year, like moving cross country on my own (well, my daughter was there, so not exactly alone), buying a house on my own (God bless my realtor… he was a life saver for me), etc. However, something I’ve wanted to do for years and years and wasn’t able to because my husband was against it, and something I’m proud of doing?

Fostering rescue animals.

My first fosters were kittens from a local shelter that was overloaded with them. We had to go there a couple of times for various reasons (needed food, kitties had giardia and needs meds, etc) and every time, there were people there who had litters of kittens to surrender that they’d found. Feral cats are a real issue here… Anyway, these two were our first fosters (they were named after some Thundercats, but we called them Zippy and Chill):

We sent them back to be adopted (and boy, I hope they got good homes), and came home with this girl, Hazelnut Coffee Bean (Nutty Butt or Bean for short) who’s a permanent resident now:

And most recently, we signed up to foster small animals since my rats have all passed away. We’ve had this girl, Maya, for a few weeks now. She was stressed and bitey when we got here (she came from a family with very small children, and I’m guessing she was mishandled. Hammies are pretty easy to break, so I imagine she was defending herself). She’s relaxed a LOT, welcomes us patting her and is just a good little creature (she’s up for adoption on Petfinder):

I know it isn’t much, and I’m not exactly changing the world, or even particularly making it a better place — except for the creatures I’m helping. It’s a better place for them.

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  1. Marianne, you are changing the world! I wish there were more people like you. I actually think about shelter animals a lot. I hate the thought of any living thing feeling tossed aside, so it’s great that people like you show humanity and give them some love. I’ve rescued a few dogs over the years, our first was a mistreated puppy, who we cherished. She passed away in 2014 at the grand old age of 18. It’s such a great thing to do!

  2. You go, girl!
    A huge high-five for all your accomplishments, and what you’re doing with those little critters?
    That’s amazing.
    I’d like to do it, too, but my son (9) would never let them go once they are here…
    They have a better life because of you, and it’s no small feat.

  3. We used to have gerbils, a breeding pair and sold their babies to local pet stores. We’ve always had dogs and cats. The last two of my dogs I gave to my son who moved into a place with a much bigger yard. I’m not going start a garden. We adopted two cats, after the one we had for 17 years passed. They keep us entertained.

  4. I think that helping the animals does help the world. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahadma Gandhi)

  5. Good for you! I’m proud that my county doesn’t subject cats to a big central shelter; lots of private homes are cat sanctuaries, and mine is one. It means that most of the cats I can claim to have placed never actually came to my house but were referred directly to their Purrmanent Homes. This spills over onto my blog, which now has a weekly feature called the Petfinder Post–America’s Most Photogenic Shelter Pets.

  6. There is absolutely nothing lesser about changing the world for the better in small ways! Anything that lessens the amount of suffering in the world is worthwhile, and well worth being proud of!

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