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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — New Things I’ve Tried Recently

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

Today’s topic is: New Things I’ve Tried Recently

Since my whole life is pretty much new over the past year, I had a few things to choose from. But as I’m about to head out the door to work, that’s what is on my mind. My ex-husband was a very handy guy and he did all the things from working on our cars, to finishing our basement, to renovating our camp. And I was there when he did, but he never really let me actually help in any meaningful way. Still, I have a brushing acquaintance with those things. So, when the opportunity arose to help a general contractor with some work, I took it.

So… new for me? Being the unskilled laborer during a complete renovation of a condo. We’re only in the tear down phase right now, so I’m pulling out flooring and taking off baseboards. Today we’re taking out the cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc., from the kitchen and demolishing the tile flooring. Thankfully, the person I’m working for is letting me do things. I can touch the tools without being in trouble…lol. Eventually, I’ll be helping install LVP flooring, repairing and painting drywall, helping install a tub, toilet, sinks and cabinets and more.

And, since I own my own home now with no handy husband to work on things, I’m learning as much as I can, and asking lots of questions.

And now… I’m off to work! Hi, ho…

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    1. I have been. My biggest obstacle is myself. For so many years, I was told I wasn’t doing things right (and “I’ll just do it”) instead of being shown how, so I don’t have much faith in myself. But I’m getting better, because this person is much more patient and willing to let me try new things. 🙂

  1. Cheers for you! I enjoy doing home improvement…have usually done it *without* a husband or prospective husband, but done most of it with some other person who’d done the specific task before. (Construction work runs on both sides of the family. I’ve done more with my mother, aunt, or a female client than with the male relatives who’ve made it their primary business.)

    1. I’ve been watching so many women online doing complete home renovations. Joined a woman’s group on Facebook all about learning how to do construction things. Cracking my knuckles and learning. It’s intimidating, but also fun!

  2. That’s great! You’re learning to do those kinds of things! I discovered my ex didn’t know as much as he claimed to know about fixing things around the house. Since he’s gone, I’ve had to deal with a number of messes he left behind. Luckily, my sons are teenagers and are eager to help out when I need it. I’m learning as I go how to fix things and teaching my kids, too. Also, I’m gaining more confidence in my abilities. Sounds like you are, too! 🙂

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