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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — What I Think of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

Today’s topic is: What I Think of New Year’s Resolutions

I honestly make “resolutions” pretty regularly, throughout the year. I don’t think of them as resolutions, per se, but as goals. A road map to where I want to go. If I can’t see where I want to go, then how will I ever get there? I actually tend to write my stories the same way… I usually write a few chapters, and then I write the end. Because then I know where I’m heading. The characters and plot may end up making a few unexpected detours, but they’ll still end up getting to where they were headed.

Resolutions are the same thing. I like goals. I have a vision board. I make to do lists. I can’t go through life drifting from place to place, I’m a planner. A “doer”. Get ‘er done. And I can’t do those things without a plan. That said, resolutions are not immutable. If I don’t end up doing them by the end of the year (or month or week or whatever date I’ve set), the world does not come crashing down. I just pull myself up by my bootstraps, put on my big girl panties and try again or I look at that goal and decide if it’s what I actually want or need in my life. And then I move on.




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  1. I’m the same way. I like to plan things. I have vision boards, too! But my daily to-do lists are so long, it started getting me sad when I didn’t have all the things checked off. So, I started making DONE lists. That’s helped boost my feelings of accomplishment. When I see all the things on my DONE list, I feel good!

  2. This is great! I like to think I’m a doer and planner, but I feel, probably, if I’m being honest, I’m a ‘run around like a headless chicken-er’ and a ‘wonder how this is all gonna come together-er’.

  3. Hi! I am a BIG goal-maker! I love lists and vision boards! Do you know of the planning software Trello? I am addicted to it! I have it on my laptop and use it for my editorial calendar, BUT I have found I use it for personal stuff even more! I have the app on my cellphone too! They have a free version that works amazingly!

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