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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — Movies Set In or Near My Town

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

Today’s topic is: Book/Movie/TV Show set in or near your town

So … I’m baaaaaaaack! My website was down for a while, but I found an amazing designer to help me get it spiffy again. I’m excited to be back with you all. While I was gone, I actually moved cross-country, so I’m living in Utah now, instead of New Hampshire. However, I’m going to play today listing movies set in or around all four places I’ve lived: Northern California, Colorado Springs, New Hampshire and now, Utah.

Here we go…

California: For this one … I have to choose one of my favorite disaster movies… “San Andreas“. It pretty much covers all of the state, but the focus is San Francisco. If you like to suspend your belief in reality and just enjoy massive amounts of destruction, you should give this movie a try.

Colorado Springs: This could be any number of movies, but the first one that popped into my head is “War Games” because of their trip to NORAD which is (was?) in the Springs…

New Hampshire: This one HAS to go to “Jumanji” (the original one with Robin Williams). Many of the exterior shots were filmed in Keene, NH ( and the setting was “a New England town”.

From Slash Film — “A good portion of “Jumanji,” which takes place in a fictional town in New Hampshire, was actually shot in Keene, New Hampshire, where I went to college. Keene State was a three-minute walk from the downtown area, which most viewers will recognize.”

Utah: This is harder for me since I only moved here. And, as it turns out, many movies are FILMED here (including Raiders of the Lost Ark, some of the Star Wars movies and more), but not many are actually set here… So I’m going to give you, instead, a link to the Utah Tourism site that lists all the movies filmed here (and how to go see the areas): Famous Movies Filmed in Utah Have a great day!

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    1. Oh man … the original Jumanji is SO GOOD (though, I have to admit, the new ones were actually decent, too). But nothing can touch the amazing skill of Robin Williams…

    1. He was such a great actor back then… and I really loved “War Games”. It was fun to watch with my kid a few years ago, because technology is SO different now.

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