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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge — My Fantasy Vacation

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: My fantasy vacation
Okay … so I’m going to go on the assumption that Covid doesn’t exist, that international travel is easy and safe (I have an active imagination and watch and read too much Tom Clancy, so I have a MASSIVE amount of fear about traveling internationally…anyway…) and that I have unlimited funds and can speak all the languages. It’s my fantasy, after all.
Honestly, what I’d really love to do is take a VERY lengthy (maybe a year?) trip to Europe. I might travel outside Europe some, but mainly I want to visit the places of my heritage: Portugal (particularly the Azores) and the UK (mainly Scotland and Ireland, but I’d fit some time in England in, too). I’d definitely spend time in Italy and Greece as well, absolutely. There are so many places to go in Europe, I’m not sure a year would be long enough!
My father’s parents came here from the Azores, though, and while they died before I was born, I’ve always felt strongly pulled to go there. I’ve heard it’s amazingly lovely and the people are awesome, so I’m practically packing my bags.
My mother’s heritage is reputedly Scottish/English. I say “reputedly” because her father came through Ellis Island, and changed his name so we’re not 100% sure, but family rumor has it he was illegitimately linked to someone close to or part of the royal family (Lord Mountbatten was name dropped a few times, but he doesn’t fit timewise as a sire to my grandfather). The rumors were taken so seriously, my grandmother was truly upset she wasn’t invited to Charles’ and Diana’s wedding. True story.
So, yep… Europe, please. Once I’ve done that, I might make a new fantasy vacation list… but for now that works for me.

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  1. You’ve got to love those old family rumors, eh?
    I’m with you here. And I speak passable German and Romanian, so does that help?
    Not really related, but sort of. My mom found my grandfather’s baptismal certificate – he was born in 1917, I think it was – and I read the name of the town on the certificate and Googled it. All I knew before that was that it was a small village on the coast of the Black Sea. Well, I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE and as it turns out, it’s now part of Poland, although it was Germany when he was born.

  2. We found out on DH’s side there’s a Lord Spencer who is part of Diana’s line, but alas, we didn’t get an invite to the royal weddings either. Shrugs. I’d like to visit England and sight see. One day. Maybe. I still have to get on that plane…

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