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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge – Indulge a Little…

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: My favorite indulgence
This is shockingly hard for me. I’m sitting here, blankly, trying to think of something I do that’s an indulgence. Here’s the problem: I’m type A+++ *and* a mom and wife. I tend to spend my days working or making sure my family is happy, whatever that takes. I don’t really think about me much (which actually drives my daughter a little crazy — “Just BUY the fancy bath salts, Mom, geez!”).
I guess, if I had to choose, my favorite indulgence would be “me” time… doing what I want when I want it. One of my favorite times is when my kid and my husband are gone away for an overnight stay somewhere (typically our camp) and I’m home by myself for some reason. This doesn’t happen much, but I love the chance to just… be. I sleep when I’m tired, I watch what I want on TV, I eat the foods I like when I’m hungry. It’s remarkably selfish and feels utterly indulgent.
Silly? Maybe. But it’s those times that help me reconnect with myself and I can stop, for just one moment, being a business owner, a wife and a mother.
Now if I could just find someone to take the dogs overnight, too….

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  1. Nah, you’d miss the dogs being gone. But I get what you mean. I like sending the boys to a boys trip (usually camping) so I can have some me time. You need it.

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