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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Winning the Lottery!

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: If I won a large lottery jackpot, I would…
TBH, I think about this a lot…years ago, I had a friend who would read The Robb Report. He had a subscription, and read it cover to cover every month. In case you don’t know the magazine (I didn’t!), this is a short description: “The Robb Report is an American, English-language, luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products, including automobiles, aviation, boating, real estate and watches.”
When I asked why he read it when he was just a working shmuck like I was, he answered, “If you can’t dream it, you’ll never have it.”
And in that moment, I learned how to dream.
With the assumption the jackpot is HUGE, here is just a tiny bit of what I’d do…
First, let’s deal with the selfish stuff. My husband could retire. YAHOO. We could live wherever we’d like without the restriction of cost of living, tax burdens or job availability (or even have several homes). I could help family and friends who needed it, in a tangible manner (I’ve always said I wouldn’t give money, but I would give “things” — buy a house, pay college debt, etc). I’d make sure my kid was comfortable, and also create a trust for her to make sure she’d have enough for her entire life. I’d do cosmetic things for myself: laser hair removal (I’m half Portuguese… I have hair issues), pay for the best hair stylist to finally have hair I loved, etc. I’d hire a personal chef and a personal trainer. My homes would have indoor salt water pools. I’d travel some, though that truly isn’t where my heart is. But doing it on the rich, with a private jet, etc., would make a world of difference.
I’d do the less selfish things. I want to open an animal sanctuary. Maybe more than one. With unlimited funds, there are not limits to what it would look like. No tiny cages and kennels… the critters would live in the lap of luxury.
I’d love to do some type of children’s home/foster care/orphanage thing. Not sure of legalities with this, but it’s my dream, so it’s happening. So many kids out there need help, and our foster care system is terribly broken.
I’d donate to other causes I believe in. So many worthy charities need lots of help.
I’d LOVE to do something like that show, “The Millionaire“. That would be a HOOT!
Years ago, I was involved in a five car accident (not my fault, thankfully) and received a settlement… what felt like an insane amount of money (it was a couple grand). It was around Christmas, and I crazily and irresponsibly spent a bunch on Christmas gifts. I had SO much fun buying things for people and not looking at the price tags. I want to do that again. And again. Take one of those wishing trees that stores or churches have and buy EVER SINGLE THING.  Such incredible joy.
Seriously, though, the sky is the limit.
What would you do? Remember… if you can’t dream it, you’ll never have it.

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  1. I love the way everybody seems to be like, “Well, I’ve always wanted this,” and then three lines later we’re like “save the orphans, start a charity!” Like, we just have to get that little bit of selfish spending out of the way first.

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