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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Greatest Strength

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. To visit other folks who are participating, you can go here.
Today’s topic is: My Greatest Strength
This is hard. I feel like I have a few “strengths” that help me get me and my family through life successfully. But, if I had to pick one, I guess maybe it’s … I don’t panic. Seriously, you want me around in a crisis. Let me give you an extreme example…
Several years ago, my husband went to the ER for something and while there (and when the nurse was out of the room), he passed out. I beeped the help button, she rushed in, and together we lifted him onto the gurney. At that moment, he started having seizures and his skin turned this odd color of gray. She hollered for a doctor, and moved him into an actual room (thankfully, it was a cardiac room because…) and about that time, he went into severe V-Tach. His heart was beating about 250 beats a minute. I backed up against the wall to make room for all the people running around doing things, like an episode of ER. About that time, this man (a nurse, maybe?) stepped inside and just stood next to me. I watched while they used the paddles on my husband (twice) to bring him back. I watched as they searched desperately for a good vein for an IV (they ended up using his foot, oddly). Basically, there was much rushing and doing and yelling by about a dozen medical folks for a good long while… and then finally, he was stable. And the guy standing next to me said, “You did really well.”
Um, okay.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m here to support family while this kind of thing happens. Most wives are crying or fainting or any number of other things.”
Yeah, no one told him that I don’t panic. At least not IN the moment. Later on? You bet I fell apart. But I’m good at waiting until the crisis is over and everyone is safe. What if those doctors or nurse had needed something from me? What if MY panicking had removed attention from him and on to me, thereby endangering him? What if I was needed to actually DO something? Panicking is only ever detrimental in any circumstance. There is never a good or productive reason to panic.
More reasons to hang out with me during the Zombie Apocalypse (plus I can butcher a deer).

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  1. I don’t know that I want to see you butcher said deer, but that’s good to know. Might end up in a book some day.
    As for your DH, that’s scary. I can’t imagine being that cool under pressure, but I can totally understand falling apart later. 🙂

    1. When I was about 3 y.o., I cut my pinky finger right at the base with a sharp knife, blood gushing everywhere. My mom tells me she wrapped it in a washcloth and loaded me into the car to head to the ER, but SHE was panicking so I spent the entire ride patting her leg and telling her it would be okay.
      Clearly, I started young with the ‘not panicking’ thing…

    1. RE: I’m surprised they didn’t shoo you out of the room.
      I was too, but when I said something about that, they said they find it actually works better having the family there if they can stay calm.

  2. First of all, your hubby is lucky to have you. I’m glad he came out of it all right.
    I don’t panic either. We can butcher that deer together. LOL!

    1. I’m great at butchering, but I suck at the actual killing part. However, someone else does the deed, I’ll butcher all day long… 😀

  3. That is a true super power and really does help with addressing the issue immediately. That was one scary situation, so it really does show just how good you are at this.

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