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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: A Few of My Favorite Things
Okay, so … WOW this is a wide open topic. Favorite what? Favorite food? Probably pizza. Favorite season? Summer, hands down. Favorite TV show? Twelve Monkeys. Favorite football team? San Francisco 49ers. Those were the easy ones…
Favorites for me all tend to be dependent on things: the mood I’m in, what age I was, what it’s in reference to. For example: favorite color. I can’t answer that with ONE color! Nope. Because if I’m going to paint the walls in my bedroom, it would probably be a very pale seafoam green, but I wouldn’t want my car that color and I certainly wouldn’t wear a shirt that color. If I were to buy a car right now, it would be this one in this color (they call it “claret”):

I swear, I can’t stop looking at it. There’s a lady who works at the bread store with one, and it has a gold package and I want to steal it…
Also, favorite song??? How does anyone EVER answer that? It’s like choosing a favorite book or a favorite movie. Again, that depends on my mood (and my age).
I will, however, leave you with a couple of my favorite things right here:

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  1. I knew the dogs would be on the list. 🙂 Mine’s busy snoring beside me.
    I love the black of my Jeep, but I wouldn’t paint my bedroom black – well, I might if there’s sparkles in it, but that’s just silly. Not. Lol!

  2. What beautiful dogs! True, favorites are hard to pin down because they depend on so many factors. I have to agree the color of that car is pretty amazing though. I’m going to keep that in mind while my husband and I shop around for a new car. 😉

  3. This made me cackle because I’m the same way. LOL!
    I’ve never been a fan of reds, but my Jeep Cherokee is this deep maroon color and I just love it. I like the color on the one you posted, too. It’s even deeper than what my Jeep is. Gorgeous!
    Aw, the pups! How adorable!
    My post

  4. Animals are favorites. And you dogs look well cared for. 🙂 My favorites change a lot with mood too. Picking a song would be impossible.

  5. Okay, I would absolutely buy a car in that color — and I’d probably even wear it, as a silk shirt, say. Definitely not for a bedroom, though.
    Those are, as my son would say, good doggos, yes they are, yes they are and I’m very pleased to meet them.
    My answers are here.

  6. Adorable dogs!!! I agree it’s impossible to narrow down a single favorite book or movie. If I love one, I love it my whole life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep adding others to the list.

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