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Friday Five – School for Girls

This year we start a whole new fun challenge thanks to Long and Short Reviews: The Friday Five writing prompt! Five different words each week to get the creative juices flowing. This is a link to the other participants...
This week’s words are: deport, direction, deliver, distributor, sister
Here’s what I came up with and I can’t wait to read what everyone else has come up with!

School For Girls

The sting of a ruler across my forearm drew my attention from the quiet daydream I’d been enjoying…my attempt to get away from the strict rules of deportment here at the girls’ school. Sister Martha Mary glared at me, and slapped the ruler against one of her palms, over and over; the threat of that punishment being delivered again implicit in her action.
“The distribution of your stitches should be even and clean.” She pointed the ruler in the direction of my embroidery hoop which encircled the sloppiest version of the school’s mission statement likely ever sewn onto muslin.
I tried to perfect my stitches, I really did, but honestly all I wanted was to be next door at the boys’ school learning martial arts and marksmanship and how to fix the distributor cap on a car or change the oil. The thought of attaining my dream caused my eyes to glaze over once again as I slipped into my daydream of hope and a future disallowed for girls such as I.

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  1. Hah, I can totally relate to this poor girl. I do love me some crossstich, but I have one heck of a time sitting still that long. Love it!

  2. I was brought up so strict that I’d have died if a teacher hit me with a ruler. Then again, if I hadn’t died in my chair the same fate might have met me when I got home…if not that my derriere would have hut for a LONG time.

  3. I relate to this poor girl, too! I admire people who have the patience for sewing, but it’s simply not my thing. 🙂

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