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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My goals for 2021

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: My goals for 2021

I have to admit to being VERY HESITANT about setting any kind of goal or intention this year. Last year went all to hell in a handbasket, yanno? Before the Time of Covid, I was only about 5 lbs from my weight loss goal and had started writing again (two of my 2020 resolutions). Then came the coronavirus and utter desolation… I put on 20 lbs, stopped writing, barely kept my head above water, dealt with family and friends who were borderline (and some not-so-borderline) suicidal. Prayed my kid’s work would stay in business (it has). Prayed my husband would have a job (that’s still TBD so ugh). Prayed kids from my daughter’s extended online friend group would stop succumbing to depression brought on by the lockdowns and committing suicide (there were several). You get the idea.
So this year? One thing I’d like to do, but simply don’t feel up to until life returns to normal, assuming it ever does, is get off caffeine. I’m badly addicted and I don’t like anything to rule me. These days, I have to drink coffee, tea or soda all day and a cup of coffee right before bed, or I wake up around 2 a.m. with the worst headache known to man: hatchet in the skull, entire Blue Man Group drumming in my brain, headache. Honestly, caffeine does nothing to keep me alert or awake, but now I simply drink it in self-defense.
If things get back to normal, if lockdowns are lifted, if businesses no longer have to restrict numbers, if there is no more mask mandate, if the kid can get back on campus for college (my straight A kid barely passed with Cs doing online school, along with much gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothes, and will be taking a leave of absence until it’s in person again) … then hopefully my stress levels will decline, and I’ll be up to tackling the caffeine monster.
Until then? My goal is to try to stay sane. And to find moments of peace and joy in the chaos.

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  1. I’m so sorry your daughter has lost multiple friends to suicide. That’s awful.
    Wow, you have a lot on your plate. I hope 2021 is better for you.

    1. With the exception of a co-worker, the suicides were in her extended online friends (from book groups, etc), so slightly distanced, thankfully. She’s still not okay, though. It’s been a tough year.
      Thank you!

  2. Your post struck home in so many ways, Marianne. My grandsons, especially the oldest, suffered tremendously from severe depression. He too, went from having all A’s (for three years) to almost failing a couple subjects. My heart ached for all of them. I felt as if my hands were tied and I couldn’t help–couldn’t visit and help to soothe the issues. And I won’t even get started on how much my mother (87yrs) suffered by being in isolation.
    I’m taking one day at a time in 2021 and my word is ‘hope’, and finding one gem of gratefulness each day.
    All the best! xo

    1. Oh, Mary… I feel that. My mother, also 87 y.o., has declined badly this year, both physically and mentally. I see her once a week, but she was a very active woman with things going on every day prior to this, and sitting staring at the TV has been catastrophic for her. There are so many more victims other than those who have had covid…
      I hope your grandsons are able to get back in school soon. “Hope” is an outstanding word for this year.

  3. The one thing I discovered from all these lockdowns is that apparently eating out has been the reason I’ve steadily gained weight. While in lockdown I started losing weight. LOL! I’m not sure if that says something about the quality of my cooking or the quality of restaurant food. While we’re eating out again, it’s not as much as before so I’m maintaining the weight I lost.
    We didn’t have awful pandemic stories in 2020, other than getting sick with it before the hysteria started–for which I’m grateful. We may have gotten sick, but we didn’t have to put up with all the stress the media heaped on the people who get sick today. We were each sick for two solid weeks. And we got over it with Nyquil, gargling, and water. No doctors.

    1. You might be the only person I know who’s LOST weight this past year!! LOL..
      I remember when you two were sick. I’m insanely glad you recovered well and fairly quickly. Here’s hoping things get better soon. I’m not holding my breath, but I need to have a little hope…

  4. Spending practically my entire life in Las Vegas has taught me one thing: breaking even is better than winning. And that’s how I’ve had to look at the past year, honestly. I’m still here, mostly happy, the kids are healthy, and I’m financially stable. Know what I mean?
    I pray that your friends and family are doing better. 2020 took its toll on so many people, myself included. I owe so much to Cody Rigsby and his irreverent self. Just when I think I couldn’t laugh, he told me to find my light and somehow, I did.
    As for the caffeine, that’s a tough one. It forms when we’re young with soda and tea and graduates into coffee as we get older. Weirdly, getting rid of my Keurig and buying an actual coffee maker has helped decrease how much I drink. Why? Because I can’t just pop a pod in the pot any longer. Now I have grounds to deal with and sometimes not even the caffeine is worth having to deal with that (I have a reusable filter so I can’t just toss it in the trash… I have to clean it and wash it lol).
    Good luck hanging in there. I hope you can find your light and get back to writing soon. And if not, Cody does meditations now, too. 😀

    1. Can I just tell you how much I adore Cody? You can’t possibly NOT smile when you listen to him… Another of my goals is to get my butt back on Peleton and exercise. I did really well for awhile, then… zip. But I miss Cody.
      You just keep on keeping on, one moment at a time. 🙂

    1. I actually quit sugar for a couple of years… felt GREAT! But I really did miss it. So, I indulge now and then. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Yeah, sometimes the best we can do is stay afloat. The caffeine goal sounds attainable, at least — though you’re going to want to keep some painkillers handy for the withdrawal period. I dropped the big sources of caffeine (mostly sodas, occasionally coffee) a while back, but I still drink caffeinated tea; maybe you could step down to that? I don’t know. I hope things take a turn for the better for you and yours this year; the gods know we’re all overdue.

    1. I plan on a slow withdrawal, hopefully keeping the headaches at bay. I had 37 hours of labor with my kid, I know pain, but nothing in the world compares to a caffeine headache…

  6. Congratulate yourself for making it through the year. It has been tough for a lot of people, especially young people. One of my extended family member’s attempted suicide after struggling with addiction and not having access to a support network. I really pray for so many people trying to make it through this.

    1. I’ve spent the year frustrated by the lack of understanding that the lockdowns have hurt many more people that we can imagine, in ways I think we won’t realize for some time. There will be long-lasting emotional scars from this, I think.
      Thanks for coming by, and here’s hoping 2021 will be better.

  7. This year.. Has been difficult on everyone – from mental issues, work things, and many other things. I hate your daughter has experienced this with her friends but sometimes just making through things. Taking it step by step and trying to focus on little victories are great.
    I for one got very depressed – I didn’t even want to read books at one point – and i’m not sure how I got out. Its a small victories, daily struggle but we will all get through this and that caffeine addiction will be less and less over time. just don’t go cold turkey! It isn’t healthy for you.. Just lessen the cups/drinks each couple days till you can go with one a drink a day.. you got this!

  8. Great goals try to stay sane. And to find moments of peace and joy in the chaos. That’s all one can ask. Here’s hoping 2021 is better. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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