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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Funniest Things …

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: Funniest things that have happened to me
This was actually kind of tough because, while I remember laughing a lot at myself the past 50someodd years, I don’t always remember the specifics. And, some were really the “you had to be there” type of funny. So, I won’t talk about the flubbed line on stage (that ended up having sexual connotations… in high school, that’s a hoot), or those types because they’re only funny if you were there.
I’m going to talk about something that happened during (well, technically before) my wedding.
Honestly, my wedding was fun anyway. My husband and I were paying for everything on a shoestring. I actually worked a second job for the year before to save up for the wedding and honeymoon. We got married in a church, and had the reception in the basement of the building next door (still part of the church). My brother-in-law DJ’d for us using my stereo and CD collection, and I hired a brand new caterer who actually worked out the restaurant he was a chef for. I bought my dress from a catalog and my mother did the alterations. I used silk flowers for the bouquets and bought everything at Michaels to arrange myself. I also didn’t use a hair dresser or make-up person, and instead got ready (along with my bridesmaids) in the basement.
On the way to the church, my bridesmaids and I stopped at a local convenience store for ice… I needed it for the reception. It was August, we were in shorts and grabbed a couple of bags. As we were checking out, the clerk said, “Going to the lake?” and I said, “Nope… getting married in an hour.”
He gaped like a fish out of water. heh.
Anyway, the actual funny thing happened as I was getting dressed. Here are two of my bridesmaids doing their hair:

And me with my garter:

My wedding dress had to be worn without a bra (it’s backless) so my bestie and I went into the storage room off the basement room we were in to put it on. Unsurprisingly, I closed the door. That was a mistake. As it turns out, it locks automatically AND can only be opened with a key. From the outside. There is no lock mechanism on the inside. This is a major design flaw…
My friend and I knocked and knocked on the door until someone heard us and then, I’m told my (now) sister-in-law went running down the aisle in a panic to grab the deacon and tell him what happened.  I honestly wish I’d seen this… I was just sitting calmly in the room waiting to be rescued.  I don’t panic easily…
Good news is, it all worked out and we got married.  And so far, it’s stuck (we’re nearly 25 years in).

And I’m absolutely going to use that in a book some day — so no stealing.  🙂

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  1. That was funny. Good for you for not panicking. Bad design on that stupid door though. I would’ve loved to have seen your frantic SIL running down the aisle. I wonder if your future husband thought you’d skipped out on him. LOL.

  2. That really does have the makings of a rom-com, doesn’t it? He thinks she left him at the altar; in truth, she was just locked in the basement by accident. Hilarity ensues.
    Actually, it was pretty hilarious the way it happened, too.
    My answer is here. It doesn’t involve any weddings, but part of it involves a baby.

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