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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I wish I were better at

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: Things I wish I were better at
Wow … this could be a very, very long list. But I’ll be realistic, because really what I’d love to be able to do (better) is… I’d REALLY like to be better at stretching time. I’d love to have double or triple the hours in every day. I was SO jealous of the Time-Turner necklace that Hermione had in Harry Potter.
Right now, I wish I was better at figuring out how to modify WordPress. Or, better yet, how to write code and create a website from whole cloth. But…I’m not. Which is, by the way, why I’ve been absent for some time. I made the mistake of trusting someone to help on my site and he ended up messing all the formatting. I kept trying to work through it myself, but finally gave up and paid my original web designer to fiddle with it and get it back up and running. Phew and bless her!!
I also wish I was better about setting aside time to exercise. Why is it that it feels selfish to take time to do things for yourself? I can work all day long and be okay, but setting aside an hour to exercise feels somehow decadent and self-centered. Thing is, when I exercise (and keep my weight down–yes, I am a victim of the Quarantine Diet gain, oy vey) I feel so much better and can actually work more effectively because I am in less pain.
I have a zillion other things I wish I were better at, but we’ll start with those. What about you? What do YOU wish you could do better?

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    1. Believe it or not, my favorite way to brainstorm or get through writer’s block is weeding. I don’t know why it settles my mind so completely, but it really does. Probably along the lines of one of those zen gardens.

  1. I get it. I feel guilty when I take time from what i’m doing to go exercise, but then i feel better when I do. It’s a strange mix. We’ll get there.

    1. Seriously, the moment I found out about her necklace I really wanted one. We seriously need to get science geeks working on that.

  2. Very much YES to all three of those. (And for the quarantine weight-gain, I’ve taken to referring to it as “the COVID 19”, rather like the “freshman 19″…) I was going to go with my wife on a long Walking of the Dog tonight, but I made the mistake of lying down on the couch to read and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Woke back up about 9:00. The dog got walkies; I did not.
    My response is here.

    1. “…a long Walking of the Dog…” LOL I love that. I think I will take it and use it as my own. 🙂

  3. Ha! What wouldn’t I want to do better? That list is too long.
    I did learn to code and build my very first web site with Dreamweaver. It was hard work and I would never do it again. I just felt I had to try to see if I could do it though. Much easier to add a plug in.
    Wordpress is such an ornery program. Make one wrong move and you lose a page, a function, or the whole darn thing. I left because I was cheap. I don’t make any money so spending more didn’t seem reasonable.
    One tip: When I did make changes to the coding, I copied the original code to Word. If I messed up, I could always reinstall the original code.
    re: quarantine weight
    I lost weight! LOL! I couldn’t believe it. I noticed when I put my jeans on they didn’t feel snug so I weighed myself. I lost about 8 lbs. Apparently, I ate out too much. 🙂

    1. I think it’s patently unfair that you lost weight when the rest of the world is gaining, lol… my problem is two-fold: my family is home a LOT more than they used to be and I’m an emotional eater. I didn’t stand a chance. But, I think I’m finally getting back under control, thankfully.

    1. Right? There are times I get up and next thing I know, it’s noon. How does that happen?

  4. With you on the WordPress and coding. I have a new website and I’m still trying to get my head around it. Things that I believe should be simple to sort out aren’t. It’s driving me batty.

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