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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Types of Exercise I Enjoy

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: Types of Exercise I Enjoy
I exercise every day.  I have two VERY active, young dogs who get walks every morning (with a few exceptions for weather: I’ll walk in snow, but not rain or anything unsafely cold)… about 2 miles daily.  Sometimes they get an afternoon walk about half that long.  They are a little spoiled… it’s a good thing they’re cute…

But this post isn’t about exercise I do, it’s about what I enjoy.
I prefer productive exercise whenever possible.  This would include walking the dogs, but also things like yardwork or stacking wood.  I love the summer when I can get outside regularly to do things.  Exercise that accomplishes something doesn’t feel like work.  And yeah, I park far away, I take the stairs, and I don’t hire anyone to do things for me I can do myself.
That said… that type of exercise doesn’t happen every day (well, except walking the dogs) so I have to find other things to do. Dancing! Swimming! Two of my favorite things.  I only swim about 2 months out of the year, though because I swim in the local lake which is currently locked beneath about a foot of ice so it takes awhile for it to warm up enough for my thin blood (typically July).
I wish exercise was always something fun that I enjoy, but it’s frequently the treadmill and weights.  :: shrugs :: Gotta stay healthy, friends!

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    1. The dogs, and especially the black one, are pretty much solid muscle, lol. I wish I was in as good of shape!

    1. I tend to complain about the wood stacking because my family makes ME stack the dang ends (so it’s my fault if they fall down). I hate ends… ::: grumble ::: otherwise, though, I actually enjoy the work!

  1. I love to garden, forgot to add that to my list. Also, I swam so much as a kid. Don’t have a pool now, but that’s a great way to relax and exercise.
    My post.

  2. Gotta get those pup walks in when you can. We did ours, but mine shivered too much, so we cut it a little short. But hey, walks are walks. Get that swim in. 🙂

    1. We walking this morning in single digit weather… it was nippy. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder, so it might be a very short walk!

  3. I am morally obligated to point out that those are extremely cute puppos and very good dogs, yes they are, yes they are. And I do wish I had more ways of getting exercise that were really fun.
    My post is here.

    1. I saw a meme the other day with a picture of Boromir saying: “One does not simply talk to dogs in a regular voice, oh no you don’t, oh no you don’t” which I thought of the moment I saw your comment 😀
      Want more cute puppy pix? I have zillions, but here are some on the blog:

  4. Dogs make exercise much more fun. Mind you, dogs make just about everything more fun. Yup, dog lover here, even though I currently down have one. Very jealous of yours!

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