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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Goals for 2020

It’s time again for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews.
Today’s topic is: My Goals for 2020
I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, actually, because I’m not a huge fan of start of the year goals. I prefer the whole start NOW goal setting procedure. But, I’ll play πŸ™‚
What I’d like to accomplish in 2020…
1. Achieve my weight loss goal.
This isn’t about how I look. It’s about how I feel. Despite being remarkably healthy, all things considered (as an example, I have low BP, low cholesterol and I’m not on any regular prescriptions for anything) I am all full up on chronic pain. I have arthritis (mainly in my knees, but also hips, one toe and my thumbs are starting), sciatica and also pretty regular muscle pain. I’m currently about 15 pounds heavier than I’d like to be, but I was a LOT heavier and I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the past year or so. And as the weight has reduced I’ve seen a pretty amazing remarkable decrease in pain in all quarters…even just a few pounds makes a big difference. It still hurts to sit for any length of time (I do a lot of my work standing up) and driving is an adventure in agony, but I’m starting to be able to sleep on my sides again (hip pain has made that impossible for a very long time). Also, I had been having numbness in one hand pretty regularly when I was seated, and that’s all but ended as well.
So, yeah… I’d like to hit my weight loss goal.
2. Writing again.
I miss writing. I tried to write this year some, but it’s been a horrible struggle. I miss the joy I used to feel when I created a world and characters in it. Part of it is the overwhelming discouraging posts I see from so many writers about the state of publishing today. But I’ve been writing since I was a kid (wrote my first novel in fourth grade, LOL) and I used to write for the sheer joy of it. Not to make money. So, that’s my goal this year. Write for the joy of writing. But WRITE.
3. Jog a 5k.
I’m able to jog about a mile currently. One big reason I even try is because about 10 years ago an orthopedic surgeon not only suggested surgery on my knee, he also said I’d never be able to jog again and I’m really not big on being told what I can or can’t do. I was virtually crippled when I saw him, but I took what he said as a challenge. Since then, I cancelled my surgery (I discovered that taking yucca was all I needed to not be completely crippled–all of you with arthritis? I highly recommend it…just keep in mind, I’m not a doctor), I’ve coached my daughters basketball team (and played basketball on several occasions), I walk at least 2 – 3 miles every day and typically jog at least a few days a week on my treadmill. However, I want to do more. I still feel like I’m not in very good shape. I’m 52 years old, and I don’t like feeling weak or out of shape and I do. So … I’d really like to complete a 5k this year…jogging. Not walking. This will be my toughest goal.
There are a whole lot of other things I’d like to achieve this year, but I won’t bore you with the entire list.
What are you hoping for yourself this year?

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    1. I’ve used turmeric in the past–yucca basically does the same thing (they’re both natural anti-inflammatories). Honestly, I’m completely crippled without the yucca, so I have no doubt the turmeric helped your wife greatly!

  1. Oh, good luck with all your goals, Marianne! Especially the weight-loss one. If only attacking that challenge was as easy as this blog one. All the best with getting back to writing too.

  2. Wow, those are some great goals. I’ve always tried to keep in my mind that writing is the fun and publishing/marketing the work. So far that’s helped me write 40+ books, but this year might be more challenging. I lost my father right before Christmas so…I’m on a writing break till I find my happy place again.

  3. Good luck on your journey. We have similar goals (except for the writing part and the 5k jog part). I’ll be happy to walk a mile.

  4. I know just what you mean about writing for enjoyment. When I do that the words come out twice as fast as when I’m slogging to get something done because I ‘should’ be doing that. I’m going to make a list of the things I want to write but pick and choose what order to write in depending on how I’m feeling.
    It’s interesting that some of our goals are similar. Except the jogging one – I have a history of falling down. Falling down at speed, and the resulting sore bits and blood, seems an awful thing to imagine!

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