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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: 10 Unusual Things About Me

It’s that time again. The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. Today’s topic is: 10 Unusual Things About Me
I’m an odd duck. It’s true! So … this should be a quick and easy list to complete.
1. I can sing “Modern Major General” … mostly. I can’t do the “really fast” part, but I’m working on it. “Pirates of Penzance” is one of my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan pieces. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of their plays (and if you have a quick but warped sense of humor), do yourself a favor and watch one. Pirates happens to have been made into a movie, so would likely be the easiest to find.
2. I’m not afraid of spiders. Or snakes. Or bats. Or things most people find creepy. I have handled all three of those things at one time or another, on purpose. Well, not so much the bat (it slammed into our glass door and knocked itself out, so I picked it up–wearing oven mitts–and put him under our deck on one of the wood slats until it could recover). Here in New England, we don’t really have venomous spiders or snakes (there are a few timber rattlesnakes here, but their numbers are very, very limited) so I consider the ones we do have “friends”. Our house is strictly a “catch and release” when it comes to spiders.
3. I’m far more afraid of Chihuahuas than Pit Bulls (or Dobermans, Rottweilers, German shepherds, etc). Chihuahuas are nasty beasts and are actually the only breed of dog that’s ever intentionally bitten me.
4. I hate being breathed on. Or having a fan blow directly on me. I don’t even like breathing on myself (like when I sleep). I always cover my arms in something (long sleeves, a sheet, etc) even when it’s super hot and humid. I’d rather sweat.
5. I can’t wear socks with those little non-slip dots on them. They hurt my feet. My kid says I’m the princess from “The Princess and the Pea”. I love fuzzy socks, but finding ones without the little rubber dots is nearly impossible.
6. I constantly correct grammar (in my head). All. The. Time. Did you use “less” instead of “fewer”? Did you say someone was “hung” by a rope instead of “hanged”? Did you use the wrong form of lie/lay? I will know and I will correct it (in my head). When I was younger, I corrected people out loud. It just popped out of my mouth. Thankfully, I’ve managed to establish some filters, but I am very grateful you can’t see my thought bubbles (and not just because I’m correcting your grammar).
7. Repetitive noise drives me crazy. Don’t stand by me and tap your pencil or I will not be responsible for what happens.
8. I don’t wear yellow clothing. Ever.
9. I lived completely off the grid as a kid. No electricity, phone, etc. In fact, we lived in a tent for six months while we built a little shed off a tiny trailer for our “home”. Our running water was from a hose that ran downhill from a spring. We had an outhouse, used a pot belly stove for heat, propane for cooking, oil lamps for light and we grew most of our own food, raised goats and chickens and I washed clothes by hand on a scrubby board like the pioneer days. I know what herbs do what medicinal things and I can preserve food, milk a goat and tan a rabbit hide. I’m all set for the apocalypse. Side note: I don’t camp any more. Ever. I like electricity and flush toilets, and I’m only giving them up again under duress.
10. I don’t eat bananas. Ever. I don’t even like the smell of them. :: shudders ::

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  1. Would you ever want to have a pet snake? I think reptiles are so cool.
    And I agree with Judy. You’d be a great person to live with in an apocalypse. Hehe.
    My post.

    1. I actually had a snake for a while as a kid (that’s a whole ‘nother story, as it turned out I’d captured a baby rattler, yikes). The only thing that holds me back now is the fact they eat other critters, particularly mice and rats and I absolutely adore rodents (rats in particular are excellent pets).

  2. So sorry I was too busy this week but I had to come see what everyone was like. Being a singer and music teacher, a grammar corrector (in my mind mostly) I thought we were so alike (well, that and I’m an odd duck too) UNTIL I saw you weren’t afraid of SPIDERS and such. EEK, we could be friends but we could never live together, apocalypse or no t!

  3. Oh, I *knew* this list was going to be fun to read. Reactions? Well…
    2&3 – Right there with you.
    4&5 – My sensory issues aren’t quite the same, but I absolutely get it.
    8 – Mine is blue pants. Comes of wearing a uniform to school in my youth.
    9 – Oh, perfect. The zombie apocalypse comes along, I’m bringing my family to you. I have a large collection of edged weapons which don’t make much noise, and you have working survival skills.
    10 – We’ll handle the bananas if you’ll handle the tomatoes and pickles.
    My post is here:

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