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Random thoughts … keyboard abuse

So, a few days ago, I was pulling off all the keys from my keyboard and using masking tape to pull up the obscene and copious amounts of pet hair that was inhibiting my ability to form actual words as I typed.  I’m embarrassed at the crazy amounts of hair under there, honestly, but I do have two dogs and a cat so I suppose it’s inevitable.
In any case, I had some trouble actually putting the keys back on because I’ve worn a good number of them down to nothing and couldn’t tell what letter they were.

There’s certainly no question as to which letters I use the most, that’s for sure. And, clearly, I use my fingernail to type the M and N since those aren’t just worn down, they are gouged. Seriously, my keyboard is starting to remind me of those old, old days when high schoolers actually took typing classes (on IBM Selectrics) and the keyboards were blank so you couldn’t cheat and watch what you were typing. Yeah, they were darn serious about typing by touch.
I’m starting to look for a new computer (I’ve had this half a dozen years, maybe more, so it’s probably time). But I’m going to kind of miss how strongly I’ve made my mark.

Anyone else? C’mon show me your keyboards and make me feel less bad about my abuse…

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  1. I can’t stop giggling at this post. Wow, you’ve gotten a lot of use out of your keyboard!
    My keyboard still looks pretty good other than being a little messy. I often eat meals while at it, so there are a few crumbs on it.

    1. My husband picks on me all the time for the abuse I give keyboards. I honestly think it’s partly due to the fact I learned to type on an antique 1903 typewriter, and you have to pound the snot out of those keys to make it work. I still type harder than I should…

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