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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books that Need a Prequel

I’m helping kick of a new weekly blog hop hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  Today’s topic is “Books that Need a Prequel”.
This is a tough one for me, but I decided that nearly every Dystopian book I’ve read would meet this criteria.  Seriously, who doesn’t want to know how everything went to hell and back, before the book started?  I appreciate that “The Maze Runner” series offered a prequel (“The Kill Order”), but most don’t.
So … I chose The Hunger Games trilogy.  How did World War III start?  How were the various parts of the country divided up and why?  Is it worldwide? How did other countries or continents handle whatever it is that actually happened?  I’ve heard whisperings of a Hunger Games prequel, but it will still happen AFTER whatever it is that created Panem as we now know it.  Did things start out slowly?  Or did the residents of each district just wake up one day and find a fence surrounding them?  Who fought? Who didn’t and why didn’t they?
Dear Suzanne Collins, please write a prequel…
What about you? What book do you wish had a prequel?

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    1. Most dystopian books are like that, I suppose. I remember getting my mind BLOWN when I discovered the Shannara books were set on a post apocalyptic Earth…

  1. I said the same thing, also adding in Divergent. Both series KIND OF tell you, but I WANT ALL THE DETAILS. This is what happens when you’re a history nut, I guess.
    My post

  2. Wow, I’m awful here but oh shoot, I’ll admit it anyway…
    Most anyone here knows I love reading but…I love a book for a book. I tend to treat them all as stand alone’s. Boring huh? Very black and white personality huh? I didn’t feel that way about the Leathering Stocking Tales but maybe american history has a different meaning to me than other subjects.

  3. Want to hear something funny? I’ve never read the Maze Runner books, the Hunger Games or the Twilight books. I’m an odd duck. But I have read the Series of Unfortunate Events ones and those could use a prequel.

    1. I’ve found that YA novels are (on the whole) better than most adult novels lately. Helps that I have a built in library via my kid — who owns in the neighborhood of 500 print books (she has six bookshelves!).

  4. Oh!! That’s a great one. I would LOVE a Hunger Games prequel! I read the Maze Runner series and was thrilled there was a prequel; I agree with your statement that dystopian novels need a prequel. There is just so much world building that we need them!

    1. Yes!! I love dystopian novels, but always ask “How” and “why” when I read them.

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