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Saturday Seven: Nora is the Queen

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I know it’s clichéd, because she is the queen of romance, but Nora Roberts is one of my only auto-buy/auto-read authors. I know she’s the only author I’m up to date on reading. So, without further ado, I give you seven first lines (or so) from some of my favorite Nora Roberts books.
1. From “Northern Lights”:
Strapped into the quivering soup can laughingly called a plane, bouncing his way on the pummeling air through the stingy window of light that was winter, through the gaps and breaks of snow-sheathed mountains toward a town called Lunacy, Ignatious Burke had an epiphany.
He wasn’t nearly as prepared to die as he’d believe.
2. From “The Obsession”:
She didn’t know what woke her, and no matter how many times she relived that night, no matter where the nightmare chased her, she never would.
3. From “Year One”:
When Ross MacLeod pulled the trigger and brought down the pheasant, he had no way of knowing he’d killed himself. And billions of others.
4. From “Blue Dahlia”:
She burned the cream sauce. Stella would always remember that small, irritating detail, as she would remember the roll and boom of thunder from the late-summer storm and the sound of her children squabbling in the living room.
5. From “Naked in Death” as JD Robb:
She woke in the dark. Through the slats on the window shades, the first murky hint of dawn slipped, slanting shadowy bars over the bed. It was like waking in a cell.
For a moment she simply lay there, shuddering, imprisoned, while the dream faded. After ten years on the force, Eve still had dreams.
6. From “Angels Fall”:
Reece Gilmore smoked through the tough knuckles of Angel’s Fist in an overheating Chevy Cavalier. She had two hundred forty-three dollars and change in her pocket, which might be enough to cure the Chevy, fuel it and herself. If luck was on her side, and the car wasn’t seriously ill, she’d have enough to pay for a room for the night.
Then, even by the most optimistic calculations, she’d be broke.
7. From “The Witness”:
Elizabeth Fitch’s short-lived teenage rebellion began with L’Oréal Pure Black, a pair of scissors and a fake ID. It ended in blood.
What are some of your favorite Nora Roberts books?

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      1. I know, right? I have a few I didn’t love, but considering the sheet volume of books she’s written, the one or two that didn’t pass muster with me barely even matter.

    1. I haven’t met her … yet. I did have a friend get me her autograph at an RWA conference years ago. I have high hopes I’ll get to meet her eventually. Thanks!

  1. Anything J. D. Robb.
    I read some of her earlier Nora Roberts books…
    The Search
    Black Hills
    High Noon
    Angels Fall
    Blue Smoke

  2. I had the lovely opportunity to meet her briefly at one of the conferences. I was in awe and wanted to curtsey, lol. I am always fascinated by her ability to capture me in her spell immediately, and although there were a couple of trilogies that I thought were too similar, I love both her JD Robb books and her NR ones. I’d love to see that inn of hers someday!
    My post is here:

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