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Thursday Things I’m Looking Forward to…

By this time of the year, I’m so over winter it isn’t even funny. I saw this on Facebook this past weekend, and would have laughed, only it’s kind of too true to be funny:

I try not to live in the future, but lately it’s hard not to. So here are some things I’m looking forward to.
1. Longer days. I miss walking when I get up or sitting outside and enjoying the outdoors right before bed. I love the long days of summer.
2. Flowers. Plants and flowers just make me happy. Snow and dead grass, not so much.
3. Warmth. I can NOT wait until I can just … go outside. Right now it’s a good five minutes to prepare. Fluffy ear cover thingie, jacket, gloves, socks, shoes, flannel lined jeans… SHEESH. In the summer, it’s basically, put on a pair of flip flops and I’m good to go!
4. The lake. I love the lake. Right now, THIS is the lake:

No, my husband can’t walk on water. But he can walk on ice. Sigh.
What are some things YOU are looking forward to?

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