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Saturday Seven: Dream Reading Nooks

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I love reading, obviously. Mostly I read in bed any more, but there are days I dream of a life of leisure where I have time to just lounge and read. For those days, I’ll need a really amazing reading nook. Here are a few I found that meet the bill for me (things I want: comfort, sunshine, bookshelves, somewhere safe for refreshments).
I’m so attracted to this. I think it’s a combination of the light colors and the height, which gives such a feel of quiet and solitude.
I adore the country/rustic feel to this and it looks huge with tons of room, but also comfortable. And those windows!
Another one that speaks to me because of all the wood… but not only does this place rock the reading nook, there’s also a desk! Love Love!!
We inherited a hammock chair like this one when we got our camp. It was, hands down, the kid’s favorite place to read until someone ( ::: cough, Kenzie, cough ::: ) at a big hole in it. This doesn’t meet ALL my criteria, but it definitely meets the comfort one.
I gotta say, I prefer chairs and recliners to sofas and beds for reading. And I absolutely adore small spaces. This one checks off so many of my happy buttons!
Just looking at this makes me happy. Light, airy, small space, cushions, a view! I want this one RIGHT NOW.
This actually might be the least comfortable looking of all of them. Those cushions aren’t begging me to recline. But MAN do I love the look of it (plus it looks like it has a screaming view).
Suddenly, I want to stop doing what I’m doing and head off to snuggle somewhere comfy with a good book. What about you? Where’s YOUR favorite place to read (both IRL and in your dreams)?

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  1. The last picture in your list is my favorite one. It looks like a fantastic place to lose yourself in a book.
    My favorite place to read is at a locally-owned coffee shop. They have the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in, and there are plenty of places to sit if you show up early enough.
    Here is my Saturday Seven post for this week.

    1. I can’t read (or do much else) with distractions. I’m so bad about… squirrel! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I’ve heard “if you can’t dream it, you can’t do it” so IMHO dreaming it is just the first step to having it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I love your reading nooks… in my dream house I would have one. I think my favorite of yours is the one with the chair and ottoman. Just a little cubbyhole for just me πŸ™‚

  3. I like # 5 – Love the ocean view, the comfy chair and the lighting and the PRIVACY — the only thing missing is a place for a laptop and a side table for chocolates, drinks and tissues. πŸ™‚
    I don’t have a favorite place to read anymore – it’s been overtaken by men. Now, anyplace where I CAN read, has to be good enough. Someday though….someday.
    Here’s my Saturday 7

    1. I can’t have a laptop in my reading nook. I’d feel obligated to work if I did πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh, can I come too? There’s not one place you posted I wouldn’t be curled up with a book (or an ebook). I live in a cold winter climate and your post just made me feel sunny and warm.

    1. I’m in New England, so understand the “cold winter climate”, lol! Sure grab a book and settle right down.

  5. I love your Saturday Seven. #3 is my favorite because of the fireplace. I end up reading during the night in bed on my phone when everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet. πŸ™‚

  6. These are all beautiful!
    But, for myself, just give me some decent light, a chair (since I sometimes read while brushing my teeth, this may be optional), and a few minutes when no one will interrupt me, and I can guarantee that I am reading a book…

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