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Truth is stranger than fiction

I wrote a story some time ago called The Christmas Curse. I remember when I submitted it, my editor said she had a hard time believing some of the stuff would actually happen. The funny part about that? The things she questioned had actually happened to me in real life.
For example, see this excerpt:

Thankfully, this wasn’t as embarrassing as her eleventh Christmas, when Santa left a size 28AA training bra and a trial-sized box of Kotex in her stocking—a lovely tale that made the rounds at school, thanks to the big mouths of her two older brothers, and resulted in much bra-strap snapping upon her return from vacation. She probably still had the bruises on her back to prove it.

My editor said she didn’t believe anyone would do something like that. Okay, I admit the Kotex was a lie, but I actually did get a training bra in my stocking the Christmas I was in sixth grade. I was mortified when I opened it in full view of my step-father’s eyes.
On the other hand, that gift actually inspired the entire story, hence the dedication:

To Santa Claus, whose gift of a training bra in my stocking so many years ago inspired this story.

What’s something that’s happened to you that no one would believe if you wrote it in a book? Or, conversely, have you included something nearly unbelievable in something you’ve written? Do tell…

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