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A little flash …

About a million years ago (okay, 17 years) I joined an online community called Writers Village University. As part of the free trial, first class they had we had to write a piece of flash fiction using all the senses.  I did one called The Hot Dog.
I don’t have that original bit of writing, but about ten years ago, I updated it to meet the qualifications for a flash fiction online magazine (100 words). I stumbled across that on my hard drive a few days ago and thought it would be fun to share.
So, without further ado … The Hot Dog :

I was starving and her hot dog smelled incredible. Saliva pooled in my mouth. I smiled, trying to charm her out of a morsel.
“This isn’t on your diet. That is.” She indicated the slop beside me, and then took a nibble. Chewed.
I hadn’t eaten in days. Who could face that swill? Despairing, I silently pleaded again for a taste. Only one bite left.
She lifted it to her mouth, but at the last moment tossed it in the air. I caught it handily between my teeth, gulping it down without chewing. My tail thumped the floor in thanks.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing this, Marianne!
    Also… have you come across the Chet & Bernie mysteries by Spencer Quinn? There is definitely something in this piece of flash fiction that reminds me of that series…

  2. I haven’t heard of those books … I’ll have to check them out. I do love a good, quirky mystery 🙂

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