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This morning, I received a call my SILwith a plea.  You see, she’s starting a bee hive on her property and had ordered bees which had arrived at our local post office.  They were not overly happy to have the bees in their building, especially since 5 – 10 had gotten loose (they were clinging to the side of the screen, but I can understand how that can be disconcerting.

They know me well there, I’m in a couple times a week either checking mail or mailing out books and prizes for LASR and Goddess Fish, so when I walked in, they greeted me by name.  When I said, “I’m here to pick up some bees.” the man nearly jumped for joy.  “THANK GOD!!!” and he disappeared.  I’d expected to have to provide some kind of information, but I suppose the fact I even knew there were bees there was ID enough.
He was wearing gloves as he brought them to me.  I had none, but figured honeybees aren’t typically aggressive and grabbed hold of the little wood bars between the two boxes (3 lbs of bees and a queen on one side, 2 lbs of bees on the other).  I got a LOT of strange looks as I walked to my car … that many bees aren’t quiet…
I’m really fascinated by this whole project of hers … so as she moves forward, I’ll try to keep you updated as well.

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